What is a personal injury attorney

When a person goes to law school they still have to pass the bar exam in each State and after which they are allowed to practice the law in that State and any form of it they are hired for.  They do not need to define themselves to a special class of lawyer and many do not.  Some attorneys will list almost every category of law you can imagine and they may provide adequate representation for all of them.  However, some attorneys or even law firms tend to separate themselves from the masses by defining the type of law the practice.

Some of the categories of law could be family law or divorce attorneys, criminal defense attorneys, drunk driving lawyers and of course our specialty which is as personal injury attorneys in Madison Wisconsin.  When it comes to litigation it is important to know a number of laws from consumer protection to insurance laws in order to best guide a client to the right solution which may or may not be court room litigation.  Another reason why people sometimes seek our specialty law firms or personal injury lawyers in Madison is due to the nature of time and expense involved in litigating a case where accident or injury has occurred.  Due to this incredible expense some personal injury cases in Madison may be done where the victim or client does not pay a penny until a case is won and a verdict in their favor is rendered by a Courtroom in Wisconsin.

We have put together a library of legal information about personal injury law and the attorneys in Madison Wisconsin who practice as a specialty.  Read through the information and always feel free to check out our glossary of terms if you have trouble understanding something.

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